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Kubernetes Observability: Improving Reliability and Security

It can be daunting to make containerized workloads on Kubernetes both reliable and secure. It requires much consideration and governance of key metrics. More complexity is added through an array of tools available to address the observability concerns. With this episode of #XgridTalks we explore observability strategies that can lead to more secure and reliable workload in Kubernetes and what factors to consider when devising such an observability strategy.

You get to hear about Kubernetes from Robusta Dev founder in our new episode; “Kubernetes Observability: Improving Reliability and Security”. As a startup founder, it is imperative for you to understand what observability strategy can do to your cloud native application. Join us on this XgridTalks Episode 08, as we discover all that and more from our Kubernetes expert. XgridTalks brings you all the exclusive industry best practices from renowned experts to keep you informed about the latest technology trends.


Natan Yellin (CEO @ Robusta Dev)

Abdullah Shah (GM & CTO – Cloud Business Group @ Xgrid)