Amazon Web Services Migration

A fast, reliable and secure shift from a conventional environment to AWS cloud. Our expert AWS migration and DevOps consultation services provide your organization with an accurate and reliable cloud replica of your on-premise environment.

Sales Enablement & Sandboxing

POC tools and sandbox solutions to help you deliver convincing product demos to clients. Allow your clients to monitor and test product features, workflows and processes in a sandbox environment before actual deployment to make the sales cycle a whole lot faster.

UI & Application Development

Applications that give clients an interactive, engaging experience. We create user-centric UIs for your applications that make them stand out from the crowd. We value both form and functionality and deliver the right balance using a user first approach.

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AWS Migration

Seamlessly transition your existing infrastructure to AWS cloud

Why move to cloud?

Businesses need the agility that comes with cloud services and they need it fast. Our expert DevOps consultation services will enable you to find the most appropriate solution for your organization and help you in migrating all possible workloads to AWS freeing up resources for critical organizational work. Reimagine, innovate and expand your business without any resource constraints or security fears. We provide a secure strategy for cloud migration to customers who are ready to migrate applications and workloads to AWS.

At Xgrid, we make use of innovative tools and services, and have experts to help you along every step of the migration to ensure the process is seamless and secure, without any disruption to day-to-day business.

Fast paced migration to AWS cloud managed by individuals with years of experience

Custom solutions to fit your organization’s needs and satisfy all kinds of organizational use cases

Reliable and secure along every step from start to finish to ensure the migration is hassle free

Want to have a sneak peek into various customer-based use cases?


Reduced cost of operations*

Rest assured that your migration will not be facing any lapses that later may pose serious risks to security, scalability or efficiency


Increase in IT staff productivity*

Reduce workload on your current IT staff and focus on your organization's critical tasks


Reduction in downtime*

Leverage the fact that public cloud service workloads experience a lot fewer security incidents as compared to traditional data centers

*According to the whitepaper published by IDC. Read it here.

Sales Enablement & Sandboxing

Custom POC solutions to cut down on time and crank up sales!

Allowing organizations to help clients envision their end products

Make sales and marketing teams more effective than ever by allowing them to give their clients a look at their end products. Allow marketing teams to effectively attract potential buyers by presenting accurate proposals based on live demos behind them. These tools also  make the job easier for your sales team by enabling them to actively engage customers.

Software experts at Xgrid design, architect and implement Sales Enablement tools and Sandboxing solutions which allow sales team to provision on-demand demos and training environments for clients. We create scalable, portable and flexible tools to help sales team and product managers showcase the product features to their clients and take care of every step in the process, from design to deployment to delivery of the tools.

Faster journey to closing deals

Time is a monetized commodity for sales. The faster the sales cycle the greater the revenue generated for the organization. On-demand provisioning of demos and trainings for customers allows for faster customer onboarding and in turn greatly reduces the time needed for the sales cycle. We provide our customers with application previews to attract clients by establishing a context for the end result. The faster a client can envision the solution the faster he is likely to buy and close a deal.

The Xgrid team with its extensive industry experience provides expertise in end to end tool design, development, delivery, and support for customers to provide a unique experience in every sales interaction.

Tailored solutions for every customer

POC tools are custom made from inception to delivery, in order to meet each customer’s individual requirements. Our subject matter experts have years of industry experience in multiple  domains to assist clients in tool development as well as provide consultation services to customers. The team has expertise in different cloud platforms and orchestration technologies to provide automation of a wide variety of infrastructure and network resources.

We deploy, operationalize and support our solutions in the customer’s environment to ensure at cohesive workflow. Every tool is tailored to support customer specific use cases and requirements creating personalized experiences for each customer. Customers can also benefit from our expert’s vast pool of knowledge by opting for consultation services. We ensure that you choose a solution that is the best fit for you.

Improve sales team performance

Faster sales cycles attract more clients and increase sales team efficiency

Dynamic provisioning of demos

Enable sales team to provision product demos on demand for customers

Personalized experiences

Solutions custom made to meet each client’s requirements

UI & Application Development

Using front end best practices to develop user friendly applications

UX First Design

Our front end designs reflect a user first approach. We consider all aspects of user satisfaction and user interaction with the application to ensure our designs perfectly render all visual and functional elements.

User Centered UIs

Our goal is to create user based applications, driven by user experiences and motivation to complete a specific action. We create user interfaces to provide users with a wholistic picture of the application in just one look.

Application Development

Combining an attractive UI and UX we develop unique applications to give users an enjoyable experience. Ensuring design and code consistency to give an overall cohesion between user satisfaction and application functionality.

Good design is important for efficient applications

Applications nowadays need eye catching UIs to attract customers while at the same time providing all desired functional requirements. Along the journey from concept to completion, we provide efficient and usable designs to ensure retention of customer’s attention along with top-notch, high end solutions to ensure customer satisfaction. With a team that is on top of all the newest trends we focus on clarity, responsiveness and consistency. Guided by user feedback and insight we make sure that the designs are customizable and address each client’s individual needs. Our application development services are guided by user experience and ensures that none of the backend complexity is reflected in the user experience.

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