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Implementing Marketo Revenue Cycle Model for 25% Conversion Boost

Lead Generation, Marketing Automation


Boost In Conversion Rates


Increase In Pipeline Velocity


Faster Revenue Growth

Marketo Revenue Cycle Modeler – Revamping B2B SaaS Lead Lifecycle

Our client offers a cloud-based platform for managing Kubernetes and containerized applications to help streamline cluster deployment and DevOps workflows. Their innovative approach transforms the Kubernetes Management market and offers centralized visibility, management, and automation for improved delivery of modern applications.

A B2B SaaS Stricken With Ineffective Lead Qualification & Flatlining Sales

Our client, a business facing persistent underperformance in sales despite a strong product and marketing team, sought a solution to the disconnect between their sales and marketing departments. The marketing team generated leads but lacked clear communication with the sales team on closing deals, leading to ineffective qualification and nurturing of leads and missed opportunities for revenue. This situation caused frustration for both sales and marketing, impacting the company’s ROI.

Our client struggled with a manual and inefficient lead management process, leading to missed opportunities and poor resource utilization. They also faced difficulties tracking the success of their lead generation efforts.

To overcome these challenges, Xgrid’s certified Marketo experts implemented the Marketo Revenue Cycle Modeler, providing a custom solution for automated lead movement through the sales funnel stages.

Outcomes Achieved By Effective Lead Management and Data-Driven Strategies

  • Efficient Tracking and Analysis of Lead Behavior Resulted in pain-point Elimination.
  • Increased Conversion Rates by 25%
  • Data-Informed Marketing and Sales Alignment Boosted Lead Conversion Rates by 25%
  • Revenue Preservation Increased by 15% through process Assessments and Optimizations.

Marketo Revenue Cycle Model Delivers Staggering Results by Transforming Lead Funnel into Revenue Growth

Our team partnered with the client’s sales and marketing departments to develop a comprehensive lead lifecycle framework built on the RCM Model that would drive their revenue growth. To achieve this, we first established the critical stages of the revenue cycle and defined the specific status of leads at each stage, along with the criteria for entering and exiting each stage.

The lead lifecycle framework we developed consisted of the following stages: 

  • Lead Generation: Where potential customers express interest in the company’s products or services.
  • MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) Stage: Where leads were evaluated based on their level of engagement and interest.
  •  SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) Stage: Where leads were deemed ready to be passed on to the sales team after meeting specific criteria 
  • Opportunity Stage: Where the sales team worked on closing the deal by implementing targeted strategies such as lead scoring, marketing campaigns, and personalized follow-ups. 
  • Conversion Stage: Where leads became paying customers through strong closing strategies and the use of tools like CRM to track progress and monitor customer satisfaction.

Throughout this well-defined and intense lead lifecycle, we made sure to nurture and qualify leads at the appropriate stages, thereby increasing the chances of converting them into paying customers. 

We also accounted for deviations from the main path to success, ensuring that the lead lifecycle framework was comprehensive and effective. This approach helped our client to improve the overall efficiency of their sales and marketing departments, leading to increased revenue and ROI.


RCM Lead Lifecylce
RCM Lead Lifecylce


To efficiently apply the RCM lead lifecycle model, Xgrid utilized state triggers and transition rules. For example, leads labeled as “lead” would automatically progress to the “MQL” stage upon reaching a specific level of engagement, ensuring a smooth and prompt flow of leads through the funnel, with a focus on prioritizing the most promising leads.


Marketo RCM


To gain insights into lead flow through the funnel, Xgrid employed Marketo’s Success Path Analyzer. This tool provides comprehensive Marketo revenue cycle analytics that impacts lead conversion, such as conversion rates, lead flow, and lead sources. With this information, our client was able to identify potential challenges in the funnel and make data-driven decisions to improve their lead conversion rate.


Marketo's Success Path Analyzer
Marketo’s Success Path Analyzer



By implementing Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Model with the expertise of Marketo Consultants, our client streamlined their lead funnel, unlocking the full potential of their sales and marketing efforts. Through effective collaboration, leads were seamlessly moved through the funnel, resulting in remarkable outcomes: increased lead conversion rates and a surge in revenue. Customers experienced higher satisfaction levels, while the sales team felt more empowered. 

Ready to revolutionize your lead management with Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Model? Contact our expert Marketo Consultants today to streamline your sales funnel, boost lead conversion rates, and maximize revenue growth! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance customer satisfaction and empower your sales team.

“Each engagement and project we work together on has unique requirements but we streamline the process together with the use of project management tools, seamless communication, etc.. The Xgrid team and EMA team work together as one in a 100% effective workflow”

Courtney Kehl Founder, Expert Marketing Advisors

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