Managed Services

Operations, management and support for your cloud, all under one roof.


Bespoke Managed Services

Complexity of cloud based deployments have gone up drastically over the past few years. Our managed service offerings allow a customized solution to all your cloud needs. With support provided on/off prem team, Xgrid is ready to shoulder the workload.

Xgrid’s bespoke managed services

With a wide array of managed services. We will always have your back.

Round the cloud, every day

Our Managed services are coupled with 24/7 support to ensure we are always there for every critical moment.

Public, private or hybrid

Our extensive knowledge pool allows us to manage, operationalize and monitor your deployment regardless of the form factor.


When there’s a fire, our team ensure live on/off prem troubleshooting so you can get back to business.

Adaptable process

We define customer centric SLAs to develop client specific management and support processes.

Technologies we use.

We leverage multiple tools based on customer use cases. Here’s a glimpse of our toolkit.

Are you ready to jump in? Talk to us and get started today.