Front end

Aesthetically pleasing, operationally intuitive,the best of UI and UX.


User Centered UI.

Front end is no longer about catchy animations and using complex colour palettes. For products to stand out, user experience needs to take charge and guide front end development. This ensures a cohesion of balance between complexity of backend reflected in simplicity of an intuitive front end.

Xgrid’s UX and UI Process

We take pride in our user first approach. Our user interfaces reflect this in all our front end designs.

UX first approach

Our process utilizes a UX first model, allowing you to understand how your product would be consumed by the end user.

Visualisations, simplified

We know dashboards are important in today’s world. Our approach of developing UIs for single pane of glass take charge for effective dashboard designs.

Original and unique

Customization lies at the heart of an effective UI. We make sure that you are able to customize and build your own canvas, from inception to implementation.

Adaptable and scalable

What good is a UI that cannot scale or adapt to your environment? We ensure that when your business scale, so does your UI.

Technologies we use.

We leverage multiple tools based on customer use cases, here’s a glimpse of our toolkit.

Visualization Suite for Agile Enterprises.

Xgrid worked for a Fortune 1000 organisation to deliver what is now a highly customisable visualization suite. Using a user first model, we developed an interface that was highly intuitive and easily customizable.

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