Introduction to Kubernetes

Call it Kubernetes, or K8s, its hype or rather say ‘growing hype’ is making this container management and orchestration platform picture as the next big thing. Good news for the newbies out there, you are not alone in learning this unicorn ride. 80% of the attendees in KubeCon 2017 were attending it the first time with most common concern being new to Kubernetes and finding the right direction to get started.

DevTrain – Industry Driven Professional Training

Xgrid, Inc, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest venture, DevTrain, a one shop stop to gain hands-on training in cutting edge technologies. With a diverse range of on and off site trainings, we aim to touch the depths of various networking technology domains, ranging from OpenStack tied to NFV/SDN, Network and Server Automation plugged with Ansible & Puppet, to Cloud DevOps using containers etc, launched on Kubernetes, Docker or Mesos.

Maintaining a Value Driven Culture: A Sneak Peek into our World

Established in 2012, Xgrid Inc. is a pioneer in virtual networking domain, incorporated in the US and registered in Pakistan. We have been performing operations with our unmatched expertise, delivering a wide range of intelligent and secure cloud infrastructure products. Based in Islamabad, we work with cutting edge technologies and have been engaged in providing simplified, secure and efficient products leveraging on evolving standards to meet business needs and accelerated growth.